Next edition of „Let’s Talk Decred“ will focus on crypto-currencies and privacy

Are crypt coins private? From Decred in Spanish they will hold a meeting to talk about the characteristics of different crypto-money

Thursday 3 December will be the 24th edition of Let’s Talk Decred, entitled „Are crypt coins private?

In this new chapter, the Decred en Español team will be reviewing the perspectives of privacy in cryptomonies. „While many people think that crypto currencies are anonymous, in practice there are different levels of privacy in different types of crypto currencies and the answer is more complex than it seems,“ explained the organizers.

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In this chapter Pablo Labarta, Content Producer, and Elian Huesca, Latam Ops, from the Decred en Español team will compare the different types of approaches that exist in the cryptomint industry to address the issue of privacy.

The approaches of Decred, Bitcoin, Monero, Zcash, Dash, Beam and Grin will be analysed. „Each of these approaches has different advantages and disadvantages that will be analysed and compared to better understand each of the approaches,“ they said.

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They also noted: „Privacy is a fundamental human right that in times of social networks and corporate surveillance becomes much more relevant. This is one of the motivations that the cypherpunks had for developing cryptographic tools that would return control to the individual. From the beginning, crypto currencies have been thought to be an alternative that gives control of wealth back to those who use it. However, the incentives to watch and monitor the exchange of all cryptomonies are increasing. The aim of this talk is to provide tools to regain privacy.

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The meeting is scheduled for the following times:

18 hrs Mexico
19 hrs Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru
20 hrs Bolivia, Venezuela
21 hrs Argentina, Uruguay, Chile
01 hrs (December 4) Spain
Privacy in Decred
From Decred en Español they emphasized that privacy in Decred has a priority role: „All the technology of the project is designed so that users can have total control of their information at all times. From the beginning, we have been thinking about how to increase the security and privacy of the users“.

„Currently, a system called Coinshuffle++ is used, which leverages the Proof of Stake component to make the network’s coins fungible, meaning that one RCD is always the same as another RCD“, they detailed.

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