Crypto Thieves Targeting AT&T Email Addresses: Act Now to Protect Your Funds

• AT&T has identified a security breach in which hackers are able to access AT&T email addresses and steal cryptocurrency.
• The hackers have gained access to a part of AT&T’s internal network, allowing them to create mail keys for users they target.
• AT&T has updated their security controls and proactively required a password reset on some accounts in order to wipe out any secure mail keys that had been created.

AT&T Email Addresses Compromised by Crypto Thieves

AT&T cell phone and internet provider has reported that anyone with an AT&T email address is at risk of being targeted by cyberthieves aiming to get their hands on cryptocurrency. The company believes hackers are infiltrating the emails of users and using them to steal digital assets. This includes,, or accounts.

Hackers Access Part of Internal Network

The hackers have been able to gain access to a part of the provider’s internal network, from which they can create mail keys for any user they victimize with an AT&T email address. With this key, the hacker can use an email app to log into their account and begin resetting passwords for services like crypto exchanges or trading platforms.

AT&T Takes ActionIn response, Jim Kimberly from AT&T says they have updated their security controls in order to prevent this activity from happening again in the future. They have also proactively required a password reset on some email accounts so as to wipe out any secure mail keys that had been created before the hack was recognized and addressed by the company’s staff members.

Victims Cope With Hacks

One such victim said the hack has happened repeatedly since November 2022 about 10 times so far; each time requiring them having logging into their [AT&T] site and deleting their key before creating a new one as soon as Outlook fails ‘connecting’ – all very frustrating as it seems like direct access is being granted through their database or files containing customer outlook keys without needing knowledge of the user’s login details beforehand on top of this already concerning issue.. Another user wrote online about how his account was compromised back in March 2021 but he was still getting emails alerting him that his secure mail key had been changed without him knowing – even though he had taken measures such as resetting passwords and changing security questions etc..

Conclusion Overall it is clear that those with an AT&T email address need be extra vigilant when it comes protecting themselves against potential hacks – especially those who use these services for crypto trading etc., . As long as individuals keep up with recent news regarding potential threats they should be safe but if anything seems suspicious then contact your service provider immediately!