Crypto Skeptic Ben McKenzie: Is He Out of Touch?

• Ben McKenzie, an actor known for his role in „The O.C.“, recently co-wrote a book about cryptocurrency that was heavily biased against it.
• Despite being an actor, McKenzie does not have the expertise to comment on cryptocurrency and needed help from a legitimate reporter to co-write the book.
• Democratic politicians such as Joe Biden have only added to America’s debt crisis with massive spending bills, which Republicans are now attempting to limit.

Ben McKenzie’s Uninformed Crypto Opinion

Ben McKenzie is an actor who rose to fame in the television program „The O.C.“ alongside Mischa Barton and Rachel Bilson. Recently, he has taken part in shows like „Gotham“, bringing Batman to the small screen. Unfortunately, he seems to think that this makes him an expert on other topics as well, namely cryptocurrency. Last year he co-wrote a book on crypto that was highly critical of it despite not having any real expertise on the subject matter – he had to enlist the help of a legitimate reporter (Jacob Silverman) just so his name could be put on it. The book focused solely on negative aspects without acknowledging stories of people gaining access to financial tools they wouldn’t have been able to before due to economic issues or government corruption thanks to crypto technology.

America’s Growing Debt Crisis

Since entering office in January 2021, President Joe Biden has only made America’s debt crisis worse by signing massive spending bills into law with no discernable plan for paying them off or balancing out budgets anywhere else. This has caused inflation rates in America soar above 9%, its highest rate in decades, leaving Americans struggling financially and unable find solutions for their money problems beyond taking out more loans and going further into debt. In response, some Republican members of Congress are now attempting make changes and limit how much money gets spent each year – however whether these efforts will be fruitful remains uncertain at best.

Why do Actors Think they’re Experts?

It appears that actors may believe themselves experts on things they clearly know nothing about because they are surrounded by people who tell them what they want hear instead of what they need hear – their agents and managers might be sucking up instead of giving real advice if there is fear their ten percent cuts won’t come through otherwise – thereby creating false gods out of them when in reality all their fame amounts too is being good at memorizing lines and standing still for long periods of time while cameras turn around them .

Crypto Technology: The Good & The Bad

Cryptocurrency certainly isn’t perfect – scams exist within its borders just like any other industry though thankfully most responsible investors know how spot those out pretty quickly these days – but neither is any other system created by humans; however there are also many positive stories regarding crypto technology that often go overlooked because everyone loves focusing on the bad news instead of reveling in what works. People can now gain access financial services they otherwise wouldn’t have been able due either economic issues or government corruption thanks crypto technology – something this should be celebrated rather than ignored or forgotten altogether .


Actors should never consider themselves experts on anything outside their profession unless they’ve taken great lengths learn more about said topic than anyone else alive today; unfortunately Ben McKenzie hasn’t done this with regards cryptocurrencies even though he wrote a book about it last year which was severely biased against it anyway . America’s growing debt crisis must addressed soon lest nation ends up like Greece did back 2010 where entire economy came crashing down under pressure from creditors; luckily our government officials seem aware this danger though whether their actions will prove effective remains seen .